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During his years of training, Rai had the chance to develop communities through youth and adult training and coaching. Moe collaborated with several international education centres and NGO’s such as Junior Chamber International and the United Nation.


Rai have successfully developed and delivered trainings that tackle soft, media and business skills that are essential to the success of the individual in communities. Trainings topics examples;


  • Production Management workshops

  • How to tackle the media

  • Public speaking & debating academy

  • Managing people in projects 

  • Drafting successful action plans

  • Community organizing

  • Social and environmental awareness 


A Strong believer in knowledge transfer, Moe have developed several ‘train the trainers’ courses along with soft skills and TV/Film industry related courses with organizations such as Director Guild of Canada, LIFT, UN, Jusoor, Junior Chamber International to create positive change in their communities.


His work was recognized internationally as Rai was invited to train in many countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Romania, Austria and all over North America.  


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