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Jussor's Journey

April 2015


Jussor is an NGO that supports the developing of the Syrian Youth in/out of Refugee camps. Candidates from Jussor's Scholarship Program were offered Online Training sessions through the month of April in Public Speaking designed by Rai.


Speak Smart Training

Feb 2015


Speak Smart is a full-day training course that focuses on giving the participants the skills to structure and effectively present one’s ideas. With the support of the Canadian Arab Institute and Ryerson University, the training was delivered to community leaders in the City of Toronto.

'The Underground' is in the air!

Jan 2015



'The Undergroud' has made it literraly to the air! If you are traveling on Air Canada using the EnRoute system make sure you check out the Canadian section and see this film that is based on the book 'The Cockroach'.


Filming 'The Waiting Room'

November 2014


A great Bosnian story that required a great international team to make! 


Happy Scary Halloween!!

October 2014  - Nathan Philip Square

Dirty Singles @ VIFF and CIFF

Sept 2014


If you are planning to attend Vancouver International Film Festival or Calgary International Film Festival this year, make sure you show some love to Dirty Singles! 

The Underground @ TIFF

Sept 2014


After a special presentation during Canne Film Festival, 'The Underground' generates great buzz after premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Look Again Finishes Filming

Aug 2014


After several weeks of filming, 'Look Again' is officially done filming. Lots of behind the scene footage! 

Centauri Arts Academy

July 2014


Centauri is an amazing place that is full of creativity and positivity. It was amazing to conduct filmmaking workshops for kids and teens at the summer camp this year. 

Filming 'El Lobo'

June 2014


After a long overnight week of filming and cold outdoors, 

El Lobo wraps with a great team! 

The Listener - Online

May 2014


The online experience is going to be amazing,

can't wait to experience it! 

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